Nick CookeJust so you know, whilst the coronavirus situation is hampering our operations somewhat, we are still very much open for business. We are a home based business so our office is “at home”. We are of course mindful of recent Governmental instructions and National Health guidelines but we are continuing to work on current structural design projects which do not require us to leave the office. And we are doing our best to deal with new structural design and survey enquiries that we are receiving.

Despite the current situation, we are fully aware of the importance of providing reassurance to homeowners on those occasions where they need building and structural advice. Photos, emails and telephone conversations have always played a key part in the process of helping our customers and will continue to do so even in these difficult times.

Please do not hesitate to call us should you require a friendly chat about any current concerns you may have with your house. Or perhaps about a forthcoming building project like an extension or a loft conversion. Maybe you just want to take a wall down in the house to create more space. We are here to help you plan these things even in these troubled times.

If the phone isn’t answered (and it should be because we aren’t going anywhere) please leave a message and we will get back to you straightaway.